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In Pistoniemi you are able to explore the Finnish nature at its best! You can wake up to bird song, get a great catch of fish from the sunny lake and collect tasty berries and mushrooms right in the nearby forests. Explore our diverse activities or just relax with a good book and enjoy the tranquility of your holiday cottage.


Cottage activities

Our cottages are located on the shore of clean and fish-rich Lake Simpelejärvi. The lake provides a wide range of activities for all ages. The shallow sand beaches are excellent playgrounds for children. When the sauna warms up early in the afternoon, children could spend for hours in the warm summer waters. Each cottage has an own rowing boat and it's nice to make a calm trip to a quiet lake. You are also able to rent a canoe or a paddle boat. On the beach you can relax on a sun chair or even challenge others to a darts race.



The Lake Simpelejärvi is known of its abudant and diverse fish catches. In summer you are for example able to angle, troll, catch crayfish or keep fish nets. And what could be better in wintertime than jig on the sunny spring lake or check the winter fish nets with the host family. You will get all the necessary licenses from us and we can also provide you fishing equipments if you don't have your own with you. You are also able to rent an extra motor or an extra boat with motor to move more efficiently. You are able to cook your own fresh fish on the barbeque hut that is provided at each cottage.


Domestic animals

In Pistoniemi you are able to pet many domestic animals. The wachdog Tami wishes everybody welcome ad he loves pats and play mates. Estonian pony Aadu is calm and experienced riding horse he will give safe rides so smaller as bigger riders. Aadu gives a safe carriage or sledge ride too. Cats Milli and Metri keep unwanted rodents efficiently gone. 



The immediate area have extensive hiking trails and the nearest nature trail starts just a few hundred meters away from your cottage. Along the path there is a hut where it's nice to fry a sausages and toasted sandwiches. We have also bikes of all sizes for rent. You are able to see and hear a number of animals in their natural environment everywhere; at the cottage, on the lake or in the forest. For example the close Siikalahti Wetland is a paradise for bird-watchers.


Picking berries and mushrooms

Late summer and autumn are glorious time for picking berries and mushrooms. The nearby forests offer berries like forest strawberries, raspberries, lingonberries and bilberries. Mushroom hunters can fill their basket for example with yellow chanterelle, bolete or milkcap. Self-collected natural ingredients are twice as tasty as acquired from the store. In addition to a tasty catch you are able to admire the impressive Finnish nature fall colours.


Winter sports

In Pistoniemi you are for example able to skii, skate on the frozen lake or walk with the snow shoes. We can provide you the equipment for all these. In Parikkala there are also several skating places and a variety of ski trails, some of wich are lightened. In a hundred kilometers from Pistoniemi there are also four ski centers where you can enjoy the downhill skiing.


Hot tube

In a hot tube you're able to relax and enjoy your holiday even in bad weather.


Sun-Thu 80e/d
Fri & Sat 100e/d
Fri-Sun 150e
Week 250e
Holidays 200e

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